I’ve written two books ... one better than the other. The only question is which one is better? I've also released a CD of sermons.

My Books have been published in complex Chinese and the first one also in Japanese. Unfortunately neither my books nor the CD are available in English. Should you have good connections to an English publisher, be my guest.

As of April 2012 I have the rights to my books again, so feel free to contact me in person. 


“Better handicaped than a poor devil”, 2004 (Lieber Arm ab als arm dran”, 2004)

Without raising a finger in anger (how could I anyway Zwinkernd) I describe cheerfully daily life with an obvious and visible handicap. Drawing from experience and many anecdotes, I list the ways of getting by with personal hindrances.




“Winning life by playing, 2008 (Spielend das Leben gewinnen“, 2008)

Handicaps are the one side of the coin. On the flip side lie the gifts, talents and chances we get, and take! This book displays why successes and happy relationships make life worth living.




Sermon CD: “Living life to the full despite boundaries”, 2008 („Mit Grenzen erfüllt leben“, 2008)

This is not an audio CD of my first book. It’s an attempt to make my thoughts more easily accessible to all people.



Should you be interested in the German versions, you can order here.