Pastor (Minister)

My mother raised me as a believer in the Lord. She prayed every night with me and my brother and sister before going to sleep and sent us to Sunday school. As a youth I visited the CVJM-Winterborn (the German equivalent to the YMCA) and later in Bierenbachtal. My parish was reformed and pietistic.

Different questions regarding life and religious belief led me to study theology from the age of 26.

I began studying evangelistic theology out of pure curiosity back in 1991 without any specific desire to become a pastor. The first serious thoughts about working as a pastor came during a six-week work placement at a parish in Wuppertal-Langenfeld with Pastor Johannes Schimanowski.

I completed my internship (as it is known in German Protestant churches) in Cologne-Stammheim with Pastor Gerold Vorländer. I was Pastor in training in Altenberg, Schildgen with Pastor Christoph Nötzel. There I came to value Lutheran piety and ecumenism.

Now I’m working as a lecturer at the Pädagogical Theological Institute in Bonn.