I thank the publishing house in Gütersloh for publishing my books.

Despite only having an idea in mind and a table of contents to present, the publishers agreed in March, 2004 to publish my first work on the condition that a manuscript would be completed by June, 2004 so that the book could be released in September, 2004 in time for the Paralympics in Athens. With the assistance of my brilliant editor Gabriele Schneider the manuscript was completed a full week before the delivery deadline. Thank you!


Better handicapped than a poor devil

Book announcement by the publisher:

The day of his birth was a shock for his parents. Rainer Schmidt was born without forearms and a shortened right thigh. However, time taught the family and Rainer though how to deal with this situation in a “normal” manner. Since then Rainer Schmidt has developed into one of the most successful table tennis players Germany has ever seen. He has won 15 titles at World and European Championships for people with disabilities and 5 medals at the Paralympics including singles Gold in 1992. In a gripping and cheerful manner Rainer recalls dealing with (his personal) hindrances, “Everybody encounters difficulties … and opportunities! How we deal with what we have defines who we are and who we become.” In this book he dreams aloud about a world where the people have learnt to deal with the trials and tribulations life brings them every day. Rainer Schmidt attempts to soothe the fear of people’s own personal boundaries by depicting his fulfilled life despite his own special “boundaries”, a term he prefers using instead of handicap.


Winning the game that is life:

Yet another record breaking effort in completing this book. The manuscript was done and dusted by the 11th of June, 2008 (I began writing on the 5th of March). In the following 3 weeks my editor completed all corrections, the layout and the typesetting ... just in time for the Peking Paralympics. Thank you!

Book announcement by the publisher:

In this book Rainer Schmidt uses anecdotes and examples to give us an intimate look into how people can grow according to the challenges they face and how they can support one another. Rainer, who himself has lived with a disability from birth and is a former special needs student, has become a pastor, lecturer at an advanced education institution and successful athlete who has won several medals at World and European Championships and the Paralympics.

The topic of this book “Winning the game that is life” is truly the theme story of his life. He’s learned that “[He’s] capable of doing anything” and “[He’s] a somebody”, which are pillars of strength.